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Thank you for associating yourself with Kadzilla’s Lounge. We welcome you heartily, and assure you of full transparency and honesty during our journey together.

As you have already been informed, we shall give you proper credit and link-back to your own blog/website at the bottom of every post contributed by you that gets published in our magazine. We do not own exclusive rights to the content you contribute to us, and you are free to use it elsewhere.

We would also like to inform you that while we have taken all precautionary measures practically possible for us to protect your work from plagiarism, we are nevertheless severely limited in terms of resources and time. So if your work is copied or republished by anyone, digitally or otherwise, without our knowledge, we shall not be held responsible for the same.

Further, we request you all to submit original work only – text or graphics. If you are not the original owner of any material, or part thereof, that you submit to us (for example if your post includes a photograph not clicked by you) we request you to kindly give credit to the original owner of that content. In case of any disputes related to copyright violation, Kadzilla’s Lounge shall not be held liable for the same. The entire liability shall solely rest upon the writer who submitted that content.

We appreciate your cooperation in these terms, and hope that we can travel a long way together.


All content published in Kadzilla’s Lounge reflects the views, opinions and experiences of the original contributors, and Kadzilla’s Lounge does not necessarily subscribe to the same.

Further, it is beyond the scope of the Editorial Team of Kadzilla’s Lounge to verify the validity of each and every fact submitted by the contributors. This responsibility lies solely on the individual contributors of each post.

Lastly, in case of any inaccuracy in the material published here, or in case of any copyright violation, please email us at lounge@kadzilla.com with appropriate support for your claims. We will make the required amendments as soon as possible.


Kadzilla’s Lounge is not maintaining any self-hosted database on the internet. All content on this site is currently published using the hosting services of Google Blogger and Picasa.

We are, however, collecting the email IDs of all our contributors. They are only used by the Editorial Team of Kadzilla’s Lounge, for corresponding with our contributors. We respect the privacy of our contributors and have no intention of selling/renting this information to any third party.

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