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Kadzilla’s Lounge is the "Common Room" of "Kadzilla’s Villa". In short, this is YOUR SPACE. Please feel free to submit the best of your creative work, even if it has already been published elsewhere, such as a personal blog or some other eZine. As of now, this publication is fortnightly. From Vol. I Issue 4 onwards, the magazine has been changed to monthly publication.


Kadzilla’s Lounge is currently accepting entries in the following categories:

  • Blogosphere - Blogging Tips, list of useful Blogging resources, Widgets and Hacks for bloggers, Interviews of bloggers, Blog Reviews, Contests -- this is the place for all of it!

  • Change Makers - Anything you'd like to change in the world? Want to raise your voice against any social issue? Or simply raise awareness by sharing information on a public interest topic? Be a "Change Maker" @ Kadzilla’s Lounge!

  • Review Bench - Movies, music, books, electronics... tried anything new recently? We want to hear about it. Share your experiences. A new set of wheels, a new perfume/cologne, a new restaurant or even a new "paan-ki-dukan" in your town! Tell us how it was! Taken a Home Loan from a bank? Or bugged by your ISP? Send us a review.

  • Mind & Body - Attitude, fitness, style... if you have any tips for our readers to improve on any of these aspects, please share them with us. How to stay happy? How to be fit? What to do for those painful acnes? Any home remedies for common cold? Bring 'em on!

  • Travel - Saw anything of interest during your travels? Any personal experiences worth sharing? Anything about the local culture of a place that caught your eye? Any local craft that made you go "Awww"? Please share with us... with photos.

  • Library - So far, this category promises a Knowledge Base on Technical stuff (related to computers, web, mobile phones etc.), Entrepreneurial guides (tips for start-up guys and girls), Event Management (weddings, birthdays, and the likes), Home Décor and Earth (Flora & Fauna, Wildlife etc.). If you feel you can share something of use in any other areas too, please feel free to write in.

  • Studio - This is where you unleash your creativity! Fiction, poetry, photography, any humorous anecdotes from your life, or any other personal reflections: they all go in here. If you sketch, scan your sketches and share with us. If you embroider, take some pictures and mail us. Any other kind of creative art that you practise, send it in. We all love creativity here at Kadzilla’s Lounge. Music and video sections are currently missing from this category, but, we'll soon find a way to fit them in too.

  • Kitchen - Tips on using the microwave effectively, recipes for dishes, drinks, snacks, or even your personal combination for the perfect "sambhar masala"... share them all here! Pictures are a must with recipes.

  • Regular Features - At the moment, we have four regular sections in this e-zine:
    * Cartoon Corner - Self explanatory
    * e-Tabloids - The wickedest, naughtiest, most humorous or touchy forwarded emails
    * Lateral Thinking - Puzzles, for oiling those rusty brain cells
    * Graffiti - Because a picture really is worth a thousand words


  • Please go through the "Disclaimer" before making any submissions here, especially the point no. 1.

  • We'll all stick to English here in Kadzilla’s Lounge.

  • The Editorial Team may modify your content in order to maintain a uniform format across the magazine.


  • Mail in your contribution as attachment (.doc, .jpg) to Alternatively, you can also mail us a link to the relevant post on your own blog/site.

  • Link back to us using any of these Badges.

  • Fresh issues of the magazine will be published on the 1st of every month.


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