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Kadzilla’s Lounge is an online variety-feature magazine for Indian entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, bloggers, and other artists, residing in and out of India.

The concept was conceived and designed by the famous (???) "miss_teerious" Kaddu.

Team Kadzilla's Lounge: Yakking away to glory!

What connects us all here in Kadzilla’s Lounge is the fact that we all want our talent to be recognized and appreciated. And this magazine provides a platform for doing just that.

We don't deliver 'news' here. Neither do we claim to be the official gossip column of the Indian Cine Industry. And there are already dozens of publications on sports, wealth and finance.

In Kadzilla’s Lounge , we simply strive to unleash our creative potential... to live, to love, and to laugh.

Join our ever-growing community RIGHT NOW, to participate in all the fun and frolic.

If you would like to share your work here, please refer to the Contribute page.

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