Space Utilization & Design: Contemporary Office Interiors

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Whether it’s about designing a small office with few people or a large office for many people, a contemporary design style will provide you with a modern, sleek place to work. Lots of colours, textures and materials work with contemporary design, but the key is to keep the overall look minimal.

Designing Professional Reception Areas:

The reception room is the face of the office. It is also the first and last point of contact. The reception should be well lit. Lighting plays a very important role in creating the right ambience. The lighting in an office reception must be in keeping with the practical requirements. While decorating the reception, it is important to keep both the aesthetic and utility aspect in mind.

There are several modern materials available today ranging from steel to glass. The sofas must be comfortable. You could even have a coffee table and place a few magazines that the client could read while waiting. The reception table should be neat and well-organized. The cabinets and other fixtures should be properly organized. A neat and organized look is very important in the reception; only then would it look professional and welcoming.

Using Colour Schemes for the Contemporary Look:

When you're thinking about the colour scheme for your home office, remember that most contemporary spaces stick to just one or two colours. Perhaps the most classic colour scheme for a contemporary space is black and white which moves on to beautiful shades of browns as well. This works very well in an office, because almost any piece of office furniture (desks, chairs, file cabinets) is available in black or white or browns.

If you choose just one colour for your office, you can accent that colour with different coloured accessories, as long as you don't have too many. If you choose to do two colours, don't stray from those two colours, and make sure each colour matches. For example, if you choose to do a black-and-white colour scheme, and you choose a stark white, don't try to incorporate off-white as well, because the overall look will be mismatched and busy.

Playing with Textures and Furniture:

Because your contemporary office colour scheme is not varied, it's a good idea to play with texture in your space. You can do this through the materials you use. For example, you could incorporate fabrics for pinup boards, or cushions on chairs, and then contrast those soft textures with rougher textures, such as a wood or a bevelled-edge glass tabletop.

Using wood in your office is a great way to add natural elements to your space. Natural wood flooring in any finish is a popular contemporary style, and it will help warm up your colour palette and add interest to the room.

Contemporary style is achieved when the space is clutter free. Your office should be, first and foremost, functional, so you don't have to get rid of everything you need to work. Try some streamlined drawers or cabinets to put your things in at the end of the day. Think about minimization when you pick out your furniture. To achieve a contemporary style, your eye should move freely around your office without having to stop to take in too many details. So, simple and straight-lined furniture always looks better.

Improving Functionality with Appropriate Lightning:

Uniform lighting is hard on the eyes, so choosing a few fixtures for the ceiling, wall and desk are suitable. When there is uniform lighting, the eyes tire more quickly because they are trying to find the brightest light, which is difficult in a room with the same level of lighting. Another recommended source of lighting is through indirect methods. Lights that bounce off walls or ceilings are easier on the eye and still provide ample lighting.

Whether it’s a home office, a small office, or a large multi-national corporation staffing hundreds/thousands of employees on any given day, well designed office interiors are a must for each one of them. Office is a place where people spend a major portion of their day, and very often under quite stressful situations. It becomes essential, therefore, to design office spaces providing just the right kind of ambience and functionality to your employees.

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