Quasar by Jesus Del Pozo

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Jesus Del Pozo is one of the lesser known designers and doesn’t have the marketing muscle of say Calvin Klein or an Armani, but in 1994, from the House of J. Del Pozo, came an absolutely brilliant men’s creation – Quasar.

The nose behind Quasar, Christopher Sheldrake, did just enough to make sure that Quasar did not slip into the overcrowded space of hundreds of wannabe fresh colognes launched after the phenomenal success of CK-1.

A quasar is an extremely dense star that radiates intense energy. And like its namesake, this fragrance is extremely diffusive, yet at the same time, has very good lasting properties.

Having aspects of both an Aromatic Fougère and also fresh cologne, the creator has intelligently combined two different categories of fragrances in one, without letting the fragrance becoming murky and muddy.

Quasar opens with a whiff of banana leaf (not the fruit… the leaf) and a hint of tropical fruits, just enough to keep the fragrance interesting and not so much that the fragrance could be called fruity. Complimenting the fruit is the freshness of lLime, lemon and Yuzu. (Yuzu is a Japaneese Citrus fruit somewhere in between grapefruit and orange.)

Then comes the monster blast that characterizes the fragrance... lavender, lavandin, rosemary, White Sage, traces of Thyme and Geranium… all blended with very subtle jasmine notes. The plethora of herbal notes is complimented by the use of oceanic, fresh water and sea wave notes. The base note is a very soothing musk-amber-Vanilla-Moss Complex.

The stand out of this fragrance is a dry (almost fresh newspaper like) smell that is evident from the first sniff to until the dryout, which is approximately 5-6 hours, along with a faint top note of Rum.

The bottle is an industrial looking Vial and the packing -- one with nuts and bolts -- very masculine, very rugged!

Clean, fresh, long lasting, and rugged, yet aristocratic - I highly recommend J. D. Pozo’s Quasar for men. Girls, if you are looking for a nice gift for your husband/boyfriend… give this one a try.

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