Power of Love

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The most powerful weapon man has always possessed... is not a weapon of destruction. It is the weapon of creation, of life and of celebration. It is called love. The strength of love is very deep. Look at a mother's love. The mother is willing to sacrifice everything and undergo any amount of pain (or suffering) and yet, she is crying out of happiness when her child smiles. Look at the couple that is deeply in love with each other. They are ready to face anything, including death, if their love is not fulfilled.

That made me think: If a human being's love is so powerful, how much more powerful could God's love be?

We need not go far. History gives us many examples of the love of men/women of God. It is hard to imagine the amount of tremendous pain that Jesus Christ would have endured on the cross. If any other human being had encountered even a fraction of such pain, they would have lashed out back physically or verbally at the perpetrator. Imagine how much beautiful unconditional love He had, for the very people who had tortured his physical body, that He requests His Father in heaven to forgive them for their ignorance.

India gained independence due to the efforts of the great saint of India, Mahatma Gandhi. He inspired thousands of people into the path of Non-violence. Gandhiji led the freedom struggle with firmness and determination, but, always with the undercurrent of love. Although he was jailed many times, he never had any intention of malice or anger towards the British.

It is needless to mention the love that Mother Teresa had towards the poor, sick and the dying. I remember reading one incident in which she had approached a rich person for some donation for these poor people. The rich man spat in her hands out of disgust and she responded calmly by wiping her hand and saying, "Thank you for your gift to me. Now can you please give something for these poor children as well?"

Love creates miracles. Love changes people. I would like to mention a small experience I had recently which re-affirmed my strong feeling towards love.

I have a morbid fear of snakes. One night, I had a very bad dream (I could call it a nightmare!) of a close encounter with a snake. Shaken, I woke up from my sleep with a start, although I was still afraid of opening my eyes. With beads of sweat on my forehead, my heart was racing and I was shivering from the nightmare, when suddenly, something within me prompted about the power of love. Immediately I consciously focused on looking at snakes with love, in line with the argument that if we truly love God, we should be able love ALL of God's creation.

I visualized myself standing in an open field with my arms spread out, with the strong feeling of love in my heart, as many snakes came towards me (poisonous, non-poisonous, yellow, green, etc). I even visualized their frightening body as they crept towards me. It was truly very hard to do it, especially when I had just woken up from a nightmare moments ago! And for a few moments, I even found myself shivering and my heart racing faster! For those few moments, the fear within me reached such a peak that it was almost killing me, but, with a steadfast resolution, I continued visualizing about looking at those snakes with love... with the thought that even if I die, I'd rather die out of love than fear.

And then suddenly, it happened. The moment the resolute thought came into me - about hanging onto love even under the threat of death - something within me just gave in and relaxed completely. It happened within the blink of an eye. The whole fear feeling that was within me, was completely replaced and flooded with love. I suddenly felt a very warm feeling... like being hugged by a loved one, without a care in the world. Surprisingly, even my racing heart beat relaxed into quietness, as my breathing pattern changed too. All this happened so fast and I felt so peaceful inside that I immediately fell into a deep slumber, without even being aware of the fact that I had a nightmare moments ago!

This dream made me marvel at the power of love. I had only visualized love, and even that was strong enough to change my state of mind. So my friends... go out and love thy neighbors, but just don't get caught!! (wink, wink)

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