Kids Party Recipe: Yummy Rainbow Treat

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A kids party coming up, and it kind of gets me cooking up ideas to showcase the best of my culinary skills possible -- make something innovative and something gorgeous, that gives a perfect eye appeal and is also absolutely stunning and fascinating!

I love experimenting with the ingredients available on my kitchen shelf. It was my daughter's idea to have jellies for the birthday party, as she was confident that jellies are a weakness of the kids. I felt I should play with colours in the preparation… and there it was, really fabulous-looking gorgeous glasses, filled with the chilled dessert!

In this preparation, I've used three flavours of jelly and one flavour of custard to give that beautiful look which would definitely leave the kids mouth watering. You can experiment as per your convenience and liking.


Ready made Jelly - Three Flavours (Pineapple, Apple and Strawberry)
Custard - Vanilla Flavour
Tooty Fruity
Transparent party disposable glasses


  • Prepare custard and jelly as per packet instructions.

  • Chill the custard and jelly separately.

  • Arrange glasses in a tray.

  • Put a scoop of apple jelly in all the glasses.

  • Top it with custard.

  • Tip in the strawberry flavoured jelly in such a way, that part of the custard is also visible from the top.

  • Give a sprinkling of the green coloured Tooty Fruity for the final touch.

  • Chill well in the refrigerator before serving.

That’s all there is to do. An absolutely yummy treat is ready for the kids in minutes!

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Manjusha Sinha said...

Thanks Kaddu for posting this recipe and the last minute changes u made..Thks once again but sad to know this would be the last post with Kadzilla.

January 10, 2011 at 11:22 AM
Kaddu said...

You're welcome Manjusha. I'm experimenting these days with my Microwave oven. It's couple of years old already, but I got the courage only now! :D

January 10, 2011 at 10:10 PM

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