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A few months back, I saw the movie Love Aaj Kal. Though I’m not a big fan of any new Hindi movies (I'm not even a small fan actually!), but since "the pumpkin" (a.k.a. 'Kaddu') had suggested me to give it a look (and she never asks me to watch any movies!), and also because it was one of those nights when sleep was nowhere in sight, I decided to… well… give it a look, as she'd said.

There are movies which entertain you right throughout. And then there are movies which portray reality. But then there are a few which, while portraying reality, also try to send across a message. Most often, it is a rather concealed message, which only those with ample understanding capabilities can actually gather after watching that movie. This was one such movie.

This movie aptly depicts how the present generation of youth treats love. If you look around yourself, you will see people running helter-skelter in pursuit of their careers. This is something actually quite good for both an individual and for the society in which he or she lives. But, it is when people complicate things, by bringing love or relationships in between their career goals, that the problems start.

In fact, what I don’t understand is whether people are in search of love or in search of a relationship in their lives! Personally, I’ve started to feel that there is a difference between the two.

A person always tries to achieve all the requirements of a successful life. It begins with acquiring the best of education, leading to a job which earns him a handful more than what’s required for a luxurious life. I guess that should be satisfying enough for anyone who intends to be successful. But somewhere I feel that in today’s times, people consider themselves to be successful by not what they have achieved, but by what others think that they have achieved.

I guess I’m drifting from the topic here. So coming back to it, a relationship is now just another necessity people tend to add to their achievements. Just like a car is a necessity for a working person in today’s times, so is a relationship. People today, more than anything else, need to be known to be going around with someone. But just as a person cannot take his car along with him if he shifts to another country, similarly does he act in case of relationships.

And that is what this movie, Love Aaj Kal, portrays very well -- for today’s youth, long-distance relationships don’t work. So, as a person is happy to sell off his old car before shifting to a new place for better work options, he is equally happy to break off his or her relationship too when relocating. Even to the extent of throwing a break-up party… !!!

I agree to the fact that people have their own career dreams. Some are nurtured right from childhood. But, should the pursuit of a dream be such that it doesn’t even care about the most important people in one’s own life? In other words, can a dream career/ fame/ big pay-package take preference over love in one’s life?

It can’t! And if it does, it is not love. It is just a relationship. Because love can never be a hindrance to any dream. In fact, it is one of the great motivating factors towards any achievement a person dreams of. One can break-up a relationship. But one can never break-up love.

In today's times, people seem to show different priorities. For them, their career dreams are above anything else... even love. But personally, I feel that such people have never loved. How can a job/ money/ fame be more important than a soul mate?

And that is probably what this movie portrays about "love aaj-kal". The youngsters of today are confusing love with relationships. They consider a relationship to be an essential part of their success in life. And for that, they use their brains in the matters of the heart.

But what they don’t understand is, if it’s really love, there is no amount of thinking the brain can do to get matters straight. It is only the heart that can.

Sometime back I read a quotation somewhere which said, “Love is a decision, not an emotion.”

But personally, I always feel that...

‘Love is a wonderful emotion; it can never be a decision.’

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