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I’m going to re-use part of some material that I posted on my blog long ago… this image.

There is a very simple trick behind this optical illusion – you need to back off from the screen a bit, squinting a little with your eyes barely open. As soon as the image goes slightly “out of focus”, you are able to read what it says. If you wear specs like me, simply take them off, and the words will be clear to you immediately.

That’s exactly what we need to do when life suddenly stops making sense any more – shift our focus to get a new perspective.

Place a gigantic dice on the floor and make four different people stand around it, facing one side each. Each of those 4 people will see a different number. Make them move 90 degree clockwise around the dice. Their entire perspective about the dice is changed.

A person standing inside a house sees a different view. A person standing out of that same house gets to see something completely different. And from the top of a 20-storeyed building, you can see for miles around in any direction.

A movie director checks out the same scene from N different angles before he finally decides on one. The reason is clear:

Everything looks different from a different perspective. That includes life.

You might seem to think that everything in life is lost; but if you just change your way of looking at it, you’ll realize that’s not true.

My friend once told me about her father-in-law (FIL). He seemed to be developing a heart condition, and had been advised Angioscopy, which apparently required “something” to be inserted into his body, to do “something” in there! But he was so scared of the idea of something being inserted in his body that he jumped out of the hospital bed and rushed back home! His strong fear of doctors and hospitals gave him a completely different perspective on his health! And he started doing Pranayam and Yoga, and got completely cured in 3 months… just so he wouldn’t have to go for the Angioscopy again!

Changing your focus and perspective in life can often lead to some drastic changes.

And over the last few years, I have learned that small kids can help you see a lot of things that you miss out on your own. It’s almost as if they are standing on top of that 20-storeyed building, while you are just looking at things from a narrow window on the ground floor!

For that reason, whenever I am with kids, I usually let them do all the talking, while I just observe how they interpret and respond to various situations. I try to look at things from their perspective.

You can do that too.

Also, try to listen attentively to the problems of the people around you… you’ll suddenly realize you are so blessed!

Nothing in life happens without a reason. But, with our limited perspective, we are usually not able to see that reason. By getting a fresh perspective on life, we’ll find that it starts making sense once again.

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