Access Your Deleted Photos on Facebook

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Even though Facebook boasts of its privacy, there have been many issues that are yet to be solved by Facebook. These things are not noticed by the users until someone draws attention towards such issues. Previously, on my own blog, I wrote about how Facebook Apps allegedly transmit user information. Another issue about which I will mention in this post is that you can access your deleted photos in Facebook.

Access Deleted Photos on Facebook
The fact is that the photos which you delete from your profile in Facebook remain on the server for almost 30 months!! Several copies of your photos are created, and are available on various servers, for easy access from any location. After you delete one of your Facebook photos, that photo is no longer visible in your profile, but, even then, it can be accessed if a person knows the URL of the image.

This was reported by a Facebook user who said that the photo which he deleted around 2.5 years back was still accessible in Facebook’s Continent Distribution Network (hereby referred to as CDN). Yet another user named Fillipo reported that he deleted this photo in April 2009, and as you can see on the right, the image is still accessible at the time of writing this post (December 2010). The URL of this image confirms that it was uploaded on Facebook’s Server, and that it is still available on its CDN.

I personally tried this with my own photos and yeah... it is true! You can watch this video below if you don’t believe me.

NOTE: The link in the video is old. Please refer to the Author Bio below for the updated link.

Facebook’s spokesman, Simon Axten, said that they are working with the CDN to reduce the amount of time that the photo remains in its cache. The same issue arose for videos which has already been fixed. Let us hope that this issue is also fixed as soon as possible. Till then, keep your fingers crossed that no one knows the URL of your deleted photos!

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