Music Reviews and Recommendations: November 2010

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November has not been too great a month for music, at least going by the number of music releases. But then, Guzaarish, which released in October, was really popular in the month, while there were a few new releases, like Band Baaja Baaraat, Tees Maar Khan and No Problem.

Unfortunately, none of the three movies has very good music, although there was No One Killed Jessica, that just came and changed things. By the way, Band Baaja Baaraat has some good songs, and Tees Maar Khan also has some that are sure to be popular. Actually, as far as popularity is concerned, there will be some songs that will come into picture from No Problem too. Here is a review for all four of them.

BAND BAAJA BAARAAT (Salim-Sulaiman):

This Salim-Sulaiman album comes as no surprise, as THE songs are good, but, not very long lasting, most of them. The album starts with Ainvayi Ainvayi, which is a Punjabi dance number, quite beautifully sung by Salim himself, along with Sunidhi. Benny Dayal's Tarkeebein is a lot like Pocket mein Rocket, but the soft techno song works because of its light-addictive music and lyrics.

There is a sweet and lovely Aadha Ishq, sung by Shreya, while the dance number Dum Dum, is not very good and takes time to set to the ears. Baari Barsi is left aside, and then there is just one song in the album which bears the 'must listen' tag - Mitra. Sung by Amitabh Bhattacharya, Mitra is something that suits your ears, with its techno touch on Sufi style singing as well as touching lyrics. Do listen to that one.

NO PROBLEM (Sajid-Wajid, Pritam, Anand Raj Anand):

The title song, composed by Sajid-Wajid, and sung by Wajid along with Saregemapa Singing Superstar contestants, is something that would suit a late '90s movie more than here. A beat-based number, with not much to look for, though it doesn't sound bad. The second song of the album is Shakira Se Bhi Zyada, which is quite a dance number with a Punjabi mood, and with the kind of lyrics it has, it is sure to be a hit.

The next, Baabe Di Kripa is a typical dance number from Pritam, and should work fine with the movie, though it takes some time to set. The next song, Suraj Jagan's We Are Innocent seems to be coming right from Welcome, but doesn't appeal, while the last track, Punjabi Mast Punjabi, is a superb dancing track, that is nothing new, but the song is very much like those awesome Sukhbir tracks that make you dance every time they're played. So definitely, the song is one to dance on.

TEES MAAR KHAN (Vishal-Shekhar, Shirish Kunder):

In short, I can say Tees Maar Khan is a masala album for a masala movie. The album opens with Shirish Kunder composed title song sung by Sonu Nigam in a number of voices. The only highlight of the song is Sonu Nigam and his different voices, for the rest sounds like a mixture of a hundred English themes (not that literally)!

The popular song of the album right now though, seems to be Sheila ki Jawani, which is an urban-style item number (as against Munni Badnaam Hui which I'd count as a very town-thing). Well sung by Sunidhi and Vishal definitely, but then Katrina is the one who will be remembered for this song. While Wallah Re Wallah, a qawwali sung by Shekhar, Shreya, Raja Hassan and Kamal Khan, is one of the best songs of the album, I won't count even that as a very big thing. The next, Badey Dilwala, seems like a slightly techno and comic version of Dabangg title track. Interesting, addictive, but nothing great.

The last song in the album is Happy Ending, which is an okay song that falls somewhere between a choir song and something like Chand Taare Tod Laaun (of Yes Boss). A bit confused between the music and lyrics, but 'Happy Ending' are the words that sound perfect with the music. USP: catchy tune. You might be humming it even before you have heard the whole song. And yeah, the song is sung by team reality show - Abhijeet, Prajakta, Debojit, and Harshit Saxena.


This album is the one that has just come out, and the first two songs of the album -- Dilli, and Aetbaar -- are just wonderful. While both the songs are rock based, Dilli is a very Amit Trivedi flavored thing, that may remind you of Dibakar Bannerjee's LSD as well, and Aetbaar is an angry song against the loss of faith. The next, Yeh Pal, was a sad, soulful rendition of some sad, philosophical lyrics, with a wonderful instrumental part in the second half.

Aali Re is a Mumbaiyya sounding song, which looks a bit misplaced in terms of its music, as the movie is in Delhi. Still, the swear words in the song are real, and make the song interesting. The last track of the album, Dua, is one of the best tracks of the album. It starts very slowly, but as it proceeds, it goes up like some anthem and just connects with the heart. Must be very effective in the movie.

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