Don’t Focus On Negative Thoughts

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Human mind is a powerful tool, if we can learn how to control it. But most of the time, the mind seems to be running of its own accord, like a wild horse. And it has one major negative trait: it loves to dwell on negative thoughts! All the time!

On those occasions, you feel like you are caught in a whirlpool, and no way seems out of it. I personally have actually screamed “SHUT UP” at my mind… out loud! Well, it just kept going on and on, on a negative track, you see, and even after trying all kinds of logical reasoning, it still refused to budge.

A tip: Logical reasoning hardly ever works with the mind, and most certainly not in extreme scenarios! Distracting it is a better way of bringing it on track.

I read in some book (I have forgotten which one now) that our mind can hold only one thought at a point of time – just a single thought. The moment we think of something else, that previous track is lost, unless we think about it again. In other words, you just need to feed one different thought to the mind whenever it starts acting like a stubborn child.

Well, it’s not always as easy to implement though. Most of the time, this technique does work. And when it doesn’t, it’s usually because you’ve realized the negative track of your thoughts a little too late.

When the mind becomes more powerful, it can be a bit of a fight to regain control over it. Watching cartoons usually work in such times. And even movies with happy high-energy kids. Or, even better, working out! Just burn off all the excess energy on a treadmill or clean your cupboard!

Picture Credit: Motivation Cartoons

But why is it so important to keep the mind under control?

Mind is the place where “it all” gets created. Everything in our life – our successes, our failures, our wealth, and our relationships – all blueprints are first created in our mind. Whatever we think... materializes in our life. That is why it is important not to focus on negative thoughts. Unless, of course, we willingly want to create negative experiences in our life!

My personal learning curve about this:

  • DO NOT encourage any kind of dialogue with your mind. NEVER.

  • Keep your mind busy, with anything, EVEN FARMVILLE!

  • Have some Cartoon CDs with you always.

So keep the negative thoughts at bay. Well… at least attempt to do so! :D

P.S. – Honestly, at times I feel like taking my mind out and putting it in the freezer to “take a chill pill”!

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