How To Get Your House Ready For Winters?

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With the festive season just around the corner, followed by winters setting in, it is time to play around and change the interior décor of your home to give a more INVITING, warm, cosy and welcoming EXPERIENCE.

  • “Colors and material” play a crucial role in setting the décor in accordance with the changing seasons. Those days are now history when one used pillows. Now, cushions of varied materials – cotton, satin, silk and velvets -- are readily available. Having a lot of cushions and pillows in multi-colored patterns or warmer colors also helps in creating that “cosy effect”. Placing rugs and carpets in warm colors gives you an added advantage in keeping the chill away.

  • Also, interiors can be conveniently modified for winters by adding fire places in living rooms, where one can have electrical heaters instead of real fires, to avoid pollutants. This tends to serve as a very prominent feature for giving a cosy feel, even for large or small rooms.

  • A lot of air-conditioners have dual temperature settings, and can be utilized for keeping our homes warmer during winters. Heaters are, of course, the most widely used appliances for keeping one's home warm, and they come in various designs these days which merge with your interiors well.

  • One can also play with lighting to add a more vibrant and warmer interior décor. By opting for warm colored lamps, in stead of the regular white colored ones, you can add that required warmth to your home. Placing lamps in corners, hidden lights, and a lot of candles certainly help in that play.

  • Winter is also the time to change those ugly, dull walls into cool, jazzy, warmer ones, with use of textured and multi-colored wall papers. Warm colors – based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish-greens, orangish-reds, and the like – can be generously used in the décor.

Though seasons don’t really have much role in the selection and design of furniture, a lot of warmth can be added with the right selection of colored/textured pillows & cushions, bed sheets, table cloths, draperies, flower vases and candles of different shapes, sizes and colors. Brightly patterned furnishings and other home accessories can reduce the feeling of damp and chill that is unavoidable in winters. After that, of course, there is the mug of your favorite hot coffee!

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