Who Is My True Friend?

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When I was in school
Making many a teachers, a fool
I had a horde of friends
With whom, time and money, oft I would spend.

Then, one day, my mother questioned
"Who are your friends - do mention?"
"Ram, Krishna, Pandian, Karan... the list is endless
By the time I finish, I will be breathless".

My mother said, "Suit to your tastes
They are none, but, your classmates.
But, name your friends, at least a handful,
Who are always ready to do the needful".

I was very cross as I remarked,
"They are all my friends" and then barked
"Don't be a spoke in the wheel!
I know in this matter how to deal".

Soon many months passed by, and here
I suddenly jumped into my final year,
Of schooling and education,
Full of hard work and perspiration.

One day, alone, I started musing
The count (of days) I have been losing.
Just few days before I missed my friends a lot
But then, my mother's words rang into my thought.

There are many to move around
And many do surround;
He is my friend - whom can I really say?
Who stands by me till my last day.

And suddenly one fine day,
Each had to go on his own way,
To become a doctor or an engineer,
Pursuing higher studies in their career.

Stranded alone, I was shocked
Bereft of friends, I was mocked
As despair took over me
With none to console me.

But a friend stood by my side
Even when others cast me aside
Right through those dark days
When many left for their own ways.

And slowly my mind began to clear
The doubt which was always in my rear
Who is my true friend?
'Coz HE is my real friend!!

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