Turning Towards Life Through Death

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It was a usual morning for me. I grabbed my sandwich to nibble on the way to work. As I drove my car, I noticed usual traffic on Delhi roads. I drove out of my colony to merge with the endless traffic on the main road. Moving into the middle lane, I adjusted my rear view mirror and, with a fleeting movement of my eye, I observed a biker with a black windcheater riding just behind me, with a Blue Line bus behind him.

“Am I driving in the bus lane or is the bus in my lane?” I thought to myself.

Life as usual! I picked up my sandwich to have another bite, and screeeeeech! I heard the loud and thunderous sound of a bus braking suddenly!

I tilted slightly to see what had happened behind me. It was that Blue Line bus which had stopped abruptly, and that biker was nowhere to be seen… in just two seconds’ time! I was totally shocked! The bus had run over the biker!

Suddenly, there was silence on the road. A road that had been echoing with the loud horns till a few seconds back sounded completely deserted now. I sat there still, with my eyes glued on the rear view mirror of my car, my mind showing me horrifying imaginations of death scenes.

Then suddenly, a miracle happened! The man, with his helmet on, crawled out from underneath the bus. He looked shaken, but soon regained his composure and moved to his right, slapped the auto driver who had pushed him in the road and moved away.

I sat there, paralyzed, in the middle of the road, with tears flowing out of my eyes. I had seen the terrorizing face of death so close and so sudden.

Only after all the vehicles on the road started honking me, did I realize that not only was I in tears, but was also blocking the way of the traffic!

Suddenly, every clutter of life sounded trivial to me. Every friction, every issue in my relationships seemed petty to me. Every grudge, every sulk, every grievance I had, seemed so small, so inconsequential to me.

The uncertainty of life had humbled me suddenly. Gratitude, humility, forgiveness, all quickly flowed like sparkling clear water through the dry and rough soil of my heart.

It was a life changing moment for me. I had turned towards life, through death.

I learnt to admire and cherish each moment, each day. No, it was not the fear of death lurking around me (and, for that matter, us) in different avatars, but the awareness of my being. The awareness that I am a capable human being at this point of time -- capable enough to live, and not just vegetate, capable enough to be happy -- that I decided that I will live completely, fully, in each moment to come, each moment of my life.

For I had turned towards life, through death.

Picture Credit: Crestock

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