Space Utilization & Design: Designing Well-Planned Kitchen Interiors

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The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. Well planned kitchen interiors can dramatically enhance the pleasure of cooking. Kitchens need to be functional as well as beautiful.

Storing Things In Kitchen

  • Modular kitchen furniture, by itself, provides enough space to store all the items, so the possibility of clutter is the least. There are enough shelves for you to store utensils, and sections are made in modular furniture to store appliances.

  • Keep a ridge up on the top of your stove to put small items, such as your spices and other tiny objects that usually hang about on your counter.

  • Try to avoid any open shelves. If you want more storage space, then consider installing some more kitchen cabinets. Make sure you always maintain the counter-top uncluttered.

  • Fix high level cabinets to store kitchen articles which are occasionally used.

Placement of Cooking Appliances in Kitchen

In kitchen, your cooking appliances dictate your life style. A perfect cooking appliance offers you the chance to diminish clutter in the kitchen. You have to make your choice of cooking appliances according to your budget and needs. The appliances should be placed functionally –

  • Refrigerator: A refrigerator is a bulky appliance, and it should be placed in a corner and not between counters.

  • Dishwasher: This goes below the counter, ideally next to the sink, and will reduce lower cabinet space.

  • Microwave: If possible, you can create a tall cabinet with a space for a microwave oven, in order to save counter space. The maximum height, at which the microwave is placed, should not exceed 4 feet.

  • Electric Oven: Similar to the space for the microwave, the electric oven can be placed above, or below the microwave oven, as per your convenience. The height should be adequate for you to be able to operate and keep a watch on the oven with ease.

  • Hand Blender: This can be placed on a stand on the wall and does not require any separate counter space.

Use of Colours And Lights in Kitchen Interiors

Use white or cool colours which provide a feeling of spacious kitchen. Go for a two coloured theme, avoid too many colours. Also try to avoid a black and steel coloured kitchen.

Kitchen is an important place where ample lighting is required because it starts before daybreak and ends after sunset. Lights of same colour should be used in the kitchen. Over lighting can make the kitchen too warm.

Keeping these few simple tips in mind will help you plan your kitchen interiors better, and will make cooking a more pleasant experience for you. For more such free tips on home interiors, check our exclusive section on Home Décor in Kadzilla’s Lounge.

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