Music Review: Jhootha Hi Sahi (2010)

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A R Rahman needs no introduction, and I guess now even Jhootha Hi Sahi doesn't need any too. A home production of Saregama, with lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala, here is a review of the album.

The album starts with an utterly simple Cry Cry. As simple as a nursery song, the song doesn't have much in terms of music or even lyrics, but the simplicity of the song makes it quite catchy and instantly likable. A sweet one from Rahman and singers - Rashid Ali and Shreya Ghoshal.

The next song of the album is Maiyya Yashoda (Jamuna Mix), an enjoyable song, sung by Chinmayi and Javed Ali. The song is quite interesting, with a traditional touch, based on make-believe fights between Lord Krishna and Gopis. Definitely good, but it'll be even more interesting in the movie, I say.

The third song of Jhootha hi Sahi is Hello Hello. Sung by Karthik, Hello Hello is one of the most interesting songs of the album. The song has quite a techno background, and even Karthik's voice sounds processed. Also, the song has some beep and ring sounds, but it still doesn't sound intriguing once you're into it. Sounds good, and should sound even better in the movie, as the lyrics and even the music are connected to the story.

Do Nishaniyaan, the next song of the album, sung by Sonu Nigam, is something we have heard a lot of times, though mostly in comparatively lesser known albums of Rahman. With some really beautiful lyrics, the song sounds quite soothing at its slow pace and light music. Not very fresh, but certainly recommended for its soothing effect, and lyrics too.

The next song of the album is Pam Pa Ra, sung by Shreya Ghoshal, who is in a different mood this time. The song has some really good singing by Shreya, in more of Western style, but the lyrics of the song sound quite weak with all the pam pa ra, and the music takes time to stick to you. Not the best song of the album in my opinion. Can be recommended for Shreya's singing, though, who goes all different in the song. Btw, Suzanne D'Mello in between sounds good too.

Next, Vijay Yesudas's I've Been Waiting (credited as I'll Be Waiting) is one of the best songs of the album. With all the light jazzy effects, and with beautifully interspersed English-Hindi lyrics, the song is a treat to listen to. All of them, Vijay, Rahman, and even Abbas, get full marks for the song. As an afterthought, I just hope the song doesn't go below my expectations in the video. Go for it.

After Jamuna Mix, Maiyya Yashoda comes as a remix with the name Thames mix. I'm not a remix guy, but liked this one. Try the song if or if not you liked the earlier version.

And then a less-than-three-minute-long, sad version of Do Nishaniyaan, called Heartbreak Reprise, comes next. Must be one of the most sought-after things in the movie if it's good enough, getting people to listen to the original version of the song even more. And I'd like to add, we love you Sonu Nigam.

One of the best pieces of the album was still kept safe by Rahman, and this appears as Call Me Dil, which also serves as the title song of the movie. Rashid Ali sings Call Me Dil wonderfully in his distinct voice, and the song is catchy, good and still not short-lived I guess, as I'm in love with the song from day one and still listen to it as intently as I did for the first time. You can feel the soul of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na somewhere in the song, but it never disturbs the originality of the song. Lovable one. GO for it, again.

Overall, with some good and some lovable songs, Jhootha Hi Sahi is a good album from Rahman after a not so loved Robot. The maestro is back. Go, buy your copy.

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