Music Review: Boodhe Pahadon Par (Gulzar, Vishal Bharadwaj, Suresh Wadkar)

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Gulzar is one of the best poets I have ever known. The fact that he writes for movies, is a bliss for me and many people like me, and we love his lyrics like anything. But then, the best of Gulzar (at least he believes so) comes in his poems. Boodhe Pahadon Par is an album where some of Gulzar's poems are sung by Suresh Wadkar, with the composing done by none other than Vishal Bharadwaj. Here is some praise on this rare gem.


The album starts with Na Jaane Kya Tha. A poem that talks to someone very close, so close that the poet thinks the person knows even what he has not said. Rendered beautifully by Suresh Wadkar on a light composition of Vishal.

Then next comes Yaar Julahe, a poem where Gulzar talks to a weaver, while pondering over how he himself could not weave his relationship right. A very personal one from Gulzar, with some really wonderful music by Vishal. I had read the poem long before I heard the song, and I wondered how Vishal was able to compose something so good for this.

The third in the album is Kal Ki Raat Giri Thi Shabnam. As clear by the name itself, it's an utterly romantic poem, and while Vishal's music sounds completely in sync with the poem's mood, it somehow reminds me of music in Rajshri's movies. Anyway, Suresh Wadkar sings this one ever so lightly in his soft voice, and the song gives a very light, romantic, wonderful feeling.

The next song of Boodhe Pahadon Par is Bairagi Badal. This one is a poem on the clouds, with Gulzar's characteristic hyperbolic comparisons, while the music is composed with a touch of Indian classical music. And do I need to tell how Suresh Wadkar sings a classical thing? Quite a musical feat, this one.

Khwab Toote Na Koi Jaag Na Jaaye Dekho, Jaag Jaayega Koi Khwab To Mar Jayega (See that no dream breaks, no one wakes; if the dream wakes up, it'll die). One of the very characteristic poems of Gulzar, this one is about dreams and dreamers. With ever so light music, it sounds more like a poem than a song anyway. Very much Gulzar, very much lovable.

Mujhko Itne Se Kaam Pe Rakhlo (Named 'Locket' by Gulzar) is a poem that reminds me of Mera Kuch Saamaan, as the poem has the same deep romantic feel that existed in the well-known song, though the poem is not based on lost memories, and hence, doesn't evoke those feelings of pain. In fact, in 'Locket', Gulzar goes all imaginative in that romantic mood, and what comes out is a wonderful song, as Suresh Wadkar sings the poem to glory. Kudos to Vishal for the wonderful composition. No words for Gulzar, ever.

Teri Aankhein is another romantic poem by Gulzar, where Vishal gets some freedom to mould it into a song, and he does it really well, maintaining a slow pace, where you enjoy the poem completely.

The last in the album comes Kitni Sadiyon Se, which goes in a similar kind of flow, as far as the music is concerned. But then, the words in the poem are much more striking. Also, Vishal experiments a bit with music in the interludes, and quite succeeds, as the flow of the poem remains well maintained even with quite different instruments. Hence, a romantic, lovable track again.

Overall, Boodhe Pahadon Par is a collectible collection of some beautiful poems, while Vishal composes some wonderful tunes. The fact that I cannot pick favorites from the album certainly goes in favour of the album. All I can say is that a few, maybe Kal Ki Raat and Teri Aankhein sound not THAT good, while the rest of the album is a treat if you like poems being sung, or as I can say, if you're a Gulzar fan. Great work by the trio: Gulzar, Vishal Bharadwaj and Suresh Wadkar.

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