Movie Review: Dabangg (2010)

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Dabangg is about fearless Chulbul Pandey (Salman) who is a notorious cop, infamous among all the dacoit for his dabanggiri. Chulbul has a ‘love-to-hate’ kind of relationship with his step father (Vinod Khanna) and step brother (Arbaaz Khan). He boycotts his links with both after his mothers’ (Dimple Kapadia) death. His center of attraction, Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), is a pot maker, whom he falls for at the first sight. A local politician, Chhedi Singh (Sonu Sood), tries to dig the gap of hatred between Chulbul and his step father-brother duo even more, but fails at the end. Dabangg depicts the saying “All is well that ends well” to the core.

Release Date: Sept 10, 2010

Language: Hindi

Genre: Action, Drama

Cast & Crew: Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sonu Sood, Sonakshi Sinha, Mahi Gill, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia, Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Tinu Anand, Mahesh Manjrekar
Director: Abhinav Kashyap

Music: Sajid-Wajid [Also check out the Music Review of Dabangg]

Audience Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Awesome movie!!! Salman looks adorable even with moustaches.”
- Pratima

“Full-on time pass! Movie gives you ample reasons to laugh and to stick on to it waiting for more…”
- Shivani

Dabangg is a total masala movie with a pinch of munni to add on to the taste.”
- Vishal

“Music score is addictive, from tere mast mast do nain to munni badnaam hui. They were able to bring that UP look, that didn’t seem fake. Action sequences are well picturised.”
- Ankit

“I was not bored even for a second, though I believe that the movie was over-hyped.”
- Manish

“I felt that my college days are back, I dint hesitate even once before hooting for Hot Sallu amongst the house-full crowd of Delhi.”
- Reena

“My kids enjoyed the movie more than me. What else you could ask for while coming out of the movie theatre?”
- Puja

“I have watched it twice already. Searching for someone who still hasn’t seen it, to accompany me for the third time!” :)
- Simi

All in all, the full-on action drama of 80s is back with Dabangg. Just like any other action flick, this movie has a daring hero, a stubborn villain, corrupt police officers and politician, cruel step father and brother (which turn nice at the end) and a beautiful heroine. This one also has an add-on, a badnaam munni. What this movie did to a Bollywood buff is exactly the same as what Rajnikants’ movies do to a Tollywood buff. Salman Khan as Chulbul Panday has rocked the silver screen once again. Garima says – “go and watch it if you haven’t; you sure would miss something if you don’t.”

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