Create Your Future: Do it NOW !!

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We would have heard this reprimand so many times in our lives (through our parents, managers, etc.) that most of us would have become immune to it. In fact we even go to the extent of abusing the people who advice (or order) us to do it right NOW. However not many have realized the power behind the word NOW.

NOW offers tremendous potential to a doorway to our future, to create whatever future we want.

Our body is very intelligent. It remembers every action we do with our awareness and concentration (e.g. any action that we do during the learning process) - and it just repeats those actions mechanically even when we don't pay attention to those actions. Let me prove it to you.

When a person learns to drive a vehicle for the first time, he is in total focus and awareness of his surroundings, with a tense grip on the wheel. After a few weeks, this same person would have driven to his office and back without even being aware of the fact that he did!

Picture Credit: Petr Kratochvil

As I said earlier our body remembers every activity that we do. So if we are lazy, it programs laziness into our system, and if we are active, it records the same, and it monotonously repeats these actions everyday.

This is best explained by the movie Click starred by Adam Sandler. The protagonist of the movie, Adam Sandler (Michael), is given a universal remote by a mysterious person, that can control universe and time. When he finds that he has the ability to skip time, he uses the remote to skip certain events in his life. The mysterious man appears again to warn our hero that when he fast forwards through time, his body is on auto-pilot -- i.e. the mind skips ahead while the body just goes through the motions. Soon our hero realizes that the remote has a mind of its own and it skips years from his life, and the worst part is the remote cannot be re-winded nor returned to regain the life he lost.

So how do we break the cycle of monotony that we have unwittingly created for ourselves?

Simple. Just do right NOW whatever you wanted to do in the future.

E.g. If you want to start saving money for your future, just start today by saving some today. Your body automatically records it into the system and reminds you the next time. If you are mentally strong enough to repeat those same actions, each time the body reminds you about it, then you have created a beautiful habit, my friend!

So go ahead and create the future that you want and create it RIGHT NOW !!

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