5 Easy D-I-Y Tips for Beautiful Nail Art At Home

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How many of you consider “what’s in” and “what’s out” when you go shopping? All that matters to me is that I should be comfortable in whatever I choose to wear, and of course, it should compliment my otherwise round figure to make it look a little oval! :p

Anyways, it’s not just the clothes that decide whether you are to be written off as a fashion faux pass or not. These days, you need to take equal care of other aspects too, from footwear to accessories to even Nail Paint! Yes, Nail Art is becoming very popular today in most of the big towns of our country. You see exclusive stalls for the same in shopping malls, but you can also try doing this at home yourself. Here are some tips that will help you, although I won’t do much apart from sharing my views and experiments that I have tried.
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Paint

    Nail paints are easily available in markets. Starting from Rs.10 it goes to Rs. 700. Avoid purchasing nail polish from a local vendor which would cost around Rs. 10-20. Though it’s cheap, it can harm your nails if applied for a longer duration. There are good companies offering prices of Rs. 60 to Rs. 100 for a good quality nail polish which only takes a few minutes to dry up. Apply these paints for 2-3 days and then remove it. One should keep rotating the nail paint frequently.

  • Choosing the Right Colours for the Perfect Nail Art Job

    There are different colours available. You can always choose from the vast variety according to your choice and of course, wardrobe. You can mix-n-match. You don’t have to be a colour expert to experiment with these ones. And believe me French Manicure can never go wrong in giving your fingers that neat look.

  • Colours for Moods

    Also, have you ever thought about ‘how colours affect our mood?’ I have experimented quite a lot of times with this, and have seen some positive results too. Though I am not sure how this mechanism works, but, definitely, there must be some logic behind this. Now all I care about is that I should feel better when the day goes haywire. Try wearing bright colours when your mood is off. Experiment with orange, red, electric blue, and pink, when it doesn’t seem to be your day, and you would realize what I am trying to say. Here is one instant mood booster that I can vouch for.

  • Playing With Colours for Creative Nail Art

    You can try applying multiple shades in one go. For a multi-collared dress, you can choose a different colour for each nail. Or may be two main colours used on alternate finger nail. Or you can apply the rule of 50-50! Paint half of the nail blue and half pink... or any colour combinations of your choice.

  • Adding Designs and Patterns to Nail Art

    You can also try some geometrical designs. For example, you can paint your nails red and then dip a toothpick in white paint; draw random lines or just leave few dots on the nail. You can use glittery bindi to add spark to your nails (or glitter, which is easily available in stationery shops). Stick bindis as per your choice on your nails, and then apply a coat of transparent nail polish over that, to make this art stick to the nail for a longer duration.

These are some ready-to-use tips. Nail Art is becoming more and more popular these days. You can spend some bucks at those expensive counters in the malls, to get that new look for your nails. Or you can save some by just using the tips mentioned above. Chances are you would come up with your own innovative ideas while experimenting with the above mentioned tricks. What better way to save money and flaunt your creativity among your friends? You won’t be able to achieve that perfect finishing in first go, but that’s okay. After all, we have been hearing “Practice makes a man perfect”. Well, we women are already perfect, but, there is still no harm in practising to maintain the consistency, right! ;-)

So… which colour are you wearing on your nails today? Send us pictures of your original Nail Art, and you could be featured on this magazine! For more details on participating, write to lounge [at] kadzilla [dot] com.

Picture Credit: Google Images

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