War Time at Phoenix House!

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You know what? When kids grow up, they become adults. And when boys grow up - they become self absorbed, insensitive, taciturn MEN!

(If I could, I would enter sad doleful veena music here, or even Paul McCartney's While My Guitar Gently Weeps!)

To keep the argument balanced, I will add this:

You know what? When women reach a certain age, they become Drama Queens - totally demanding drama queens!

Phew - that's a load off my chest!

Situation is like this:

Elder Son Kid#1 is addicted to the LCD screen. The fact is that he has at least 800 downloaded movies on a spare hard disk and he is forever downloading more. He lives on the first floor and I don't get to see him as often as I want. Yeah you can argue that if he does not want to come down, I can go up... but I don't feel comfortable intruding in his room. It is too much his and DILs space, and I am sensitive about space.

DIL is rising up in the pecking order in that damn sweat shop she calls office, and she works crazy hours. I barely meet her. She leaves before I get out of my room and she comes home when I am asleep. On weekends, she is asleep or out with Kid#1.

Kid#2, to give him credit, does spend some time with me, but he has his studies, his friends, his dratted cellphone etc etc.

Damn it! When kids are small and clingy, we wish they grow up and realize that the umbilical cord was cut at birth. When they grow up and we have all the ME Time that we want, we miss that clingy phase. May be we just forget how to be alone again!

Yesterday night, I got the table laid for dinner, sent a message up for the boys to come down for dinner. Both replied that they were not hungry.

I had two options -

1. Sigh resignedly and eat my damn dinner in solitary splendour and sing the song Lonely, by Akon.

2. Throw a tantrum, freak out, be the Drama Queen, and then eat my dinner with or without them.

Of course I did the latter. Both boys came down, we had a fight. They defended themselves, but (here I am unclear just how this happened) pacified me too. Damn!

I had my dinner, and so did they - together after a long long time! Okay... I exaggerate - after a few days.

Kid#1: Chotey, leave it! She has been normal for a while. She had to find something to fight about.

Kid#2: She becomes drama queen after every two days.

Damn you, you oafs! I love you and want you to be with me when I get home. It isn't fun when you aren't around. Don't fly away too fast - I am dangerous when left alone. I may cause global floods or tsunami!

DIL stop working so damn hard!

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