Studio - Vol. I Issue 3

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Phewww! I actually had to cut into some of the other sections this time, to do justice to the contributions received in this category! Guess what friends! We are featuring no less than TEN posts this time in our Studio!

Go check them out!

* Our Lateral Thinking quiz winner for the last issue, Pooja Sharma, with her Featured Post – “Reflections on Indian Marriage: The Journey Into The Unknown”.

* Yet another fun narration from Annand Patankar’s InkTank – “Actually, I want to rape...”! (Oops! No, I’m not telling anything here… go read the post!)

* Another post in Studio:Humour – “War Time at Phoenix House!” – shared by non other than the Blogogosphere celebrity, Phoenixritu!

* Then we have another beautiful verse by Avishek – “Childhood Memories...”! I’m sure each one of us will be able to relate with this one.

* In the Reflections section, we are featuring Tuppence Worth this time, with her awesome post – “Partners in Crime”!

* In Fiction, we have another new writer this time – new in the Lounge, but not in the Blogosphere – Maithili Desai, with her very touchy post “Moving On...

* In the KraftyFingers section, we have yet another new contributor in the Lounge, Namrata Poddar with her breathtaking Glass Painting of Lord Ganesha!

* LensView features 3 photographers this time, each with their captured moments of the birds around them – Annand, Rajiv and Neelabh. You’ll fall in love with their photography!

Please keep sharing your posts with us. Don't forget... this is YOUR magazine! And let us know whose work you liked this time, and whose you didn’t! Comments are welcome! :)

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