Music Review: Anjaana Anjaani (2010)

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Anjaana Anjaani is Siddharth Anand's first movie outside Yashraj Banners. But once again he gets his permanent composers Vishal-Shekhar to compose (and even write) the songs of this music album. Here is a review.

The album starts with a peppy Anjaana Anjaani ki Kahani, a song that sticks to your tongue quite fast, and sounds cool too. Monali Thakur and Nikhil D'Souza, both of whom are probably working with Vishal-Shekhar for the first time, sing this one.

The next on the album comes Hairat. The song, sung by Lucky Ali, is a complete surprise like its name, as Lucky sings ever-so-lively even at the age of 52. A beautiful upbeat melody that makes you croone Hairat Hairat Hairat hai with Lucky all the time. One of the best songs of the album. Do listen.

The third song of the album is Aas Paas Khuda, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and quite a typical one for him. Though the song is not all romance and, if you listen to the lyrics carefully, you'll know the song has more beyond the music and Rahat's beautiful voice too. Actually, the song is all good, the only drawback being that it sounds a bit repetitive now that Rahat is singing a song in almost every movie. Still... likeable, maybe lovable too.

By the way, one thing really good about the song is that at the end, there is an unplugged version of the song, where Rahat sings the song with Shruti Pathak. And this one is certainly a track to listen, whether you like OR don't like the original one! Somehow I think Vishal-Shekhar knew that Rahat might sound repetitive, and hence came up with something that not only doesn't sound repetitive, but is totally lovable too. Go for this one.

The next song, Tumse hi Tumse, brings in Shekhar Ravjiani and Caralisa Monteiro together. Shekhar gets behind the mic for a beautiful rendition in the very techno song, and sounds, like most of the times, very sweet, very soft. Caraslisa's background vocals are lovely, and near the end, have a light, interesting touch added. The song, as I said, is a sweet and soft one. Nothing that would take you into another world with passion, but something simple that you would love to enjoy.

Naina Lagiyaan Baarishaan te sukke sukke sapne vi pijj gaye. I hear Shruti Pathak singing the words, and I know I'm going to listen to something wonderful. And Mohit Chauhan and Shekhar Ravjiani don't disappoint me. Mohit sings a non-typical, sad and slightly philosophical song in a tone that doesn't go all airy like his most songs, while Shekhar adds to the song in a Qawwali style rendition. In short, a beautiful song that sounds good with Shruti, Mohit and Shekhar's wonderful singing. The song might sound a bit strange with three singers singing separately, but slowly, it makes a grip on you, such that the more you listen, the more you love it.

I feel Good is the next song of the album, and this time it's Shilpa Rao's turn to surprise at least some of us. As the girl known for slow-soft renditions starts singing the rock-ish song with Vishal Dadlani, I wonder why she doesn't sing more such songs, as she sounds just perfect for the song. A song that adds one to Vishal-Shekhar's own developing style of Rock, sounds pretty good, so much so that it attracts you pretty fast and does stick with you for quite some time. Good again.

The last original song that remains is another title, sung by Vishal-Shilpa again. Shilpa starts this one just awesomely once again and Vishal joins her with equal force, to make a song that picks up slowly, but doesn't reach the height you expect. A complex and pretty beautiful melody that still isn't easy to remember for me, after listening to it a number of times. Listen to the song for Vishal, and more than that, Shilpa's singing. Don't know if all will love it, though I like the song.

Overall, Anjaana Anjaani is quite an album with some lovable, some likeable, and some surprising tracks. You have Lucky, Rahat, Mohit, Shruti, Shilpa, Caralisa, and the so-very-own Vishal-Shekhar, with an added Nikhil and Monali, everyone giving their best. Vishal-Shekhar's music has some known styles but doesn't sound repetitive and works. Lyrics are good too, and Vishal especially surprises as he gives words for some four songs out of seven (though seven songs are written by nine people). And if I'm getting confusing here, just listen to the last thing I have to say - listen to the album.

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