Movie Review: Peepli [Live] (2010)

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Peepli [Live] revolves around Natha (Omkar Das) and his elder brother Budhia (Raghuveer Yadav), who are about to lose their land to a Bank for non-payment of their debts. They reach out to a local politician for help, but in turn are told about Farmer Suicide cases and how the families get monetary reimbursement. Budhia ignites the thought of suicide even more to make Natha agree to it. Media gets into picture once they get this fresh new plot, politicians jump in to the controversy to win maximum votes, Government is being asked a lot of questions, but one question remains unanswered “Will Natha Die?” Watch Peepli [Live] to find the answer !!!

Release Date: Aug 13, 2010

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Cast & Crew: Omkar Das Manikpuri, Raghuveer Yadav, Malaika Shenoy, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shalini Vatsa, Farrukh Jaffer, Vishal O Sharma

Director: Anusha Rizvi, Mahmood Farooqui

Writer: Anusha Rizvi

Audience Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"A different concept/topic for the movie indeed; it was humorous. Casting was done appropriately as per the demand of characters, though I believe that the ending could have been better."
- Kanika

"It was more of a documentary, though whatever shown in the movie is the reality behind the news channels."
- Rohini

"Average movie, a bit boring in between. Few scenes were entertaining like 'V for victory aur bidi'..."
- Anupama

"The movie has been targeted on media. A perfect direction has made it a success. Otherwise, the Indian audience is not much into serious issues like this."
- Balwant

"A big time sarcasm on media. If its Aamir Khan Production, it has to be a different and off beat concept. Natha has been over hyped for his acting. I think he hasn’t acted at all! In fact, he doesn’t even know how to act. Aamir played smart by choosing such a non actor for the role because he was not required to act in the movie at all, except for showing a blank expression."
- Sneha

"Movie is over hyped because of Aamir Khan. This guy knows how to promote an idea. If it wouldn’t have been him, the movie would be a super-flop."
- Vishal

"Movie has dealt with a social issue of farmer suicide in a very delicate manner. A bit of humor and full-on sarcasm has made a serious topic seem light-hearted. The movie has also brought into light the race for TRPs by different News Channels, which in turn makes the real issue die."
- Sonia

Peepli [Live], an Aamir Khan Production movie, is probably one of the best satires that Bollywood has come up with, to depict the real face of media. There are New Channels which still highlight headlines like “cat trapped on the roof” or “Jaya Bachchan also came in Abhishek Bachchan’s engagement”, instead of the real news about our country. This movie is one tight slap on the faces of such News Channels which are growing like mushrooms these days. A must watch for all those who would like to laugh at the cost of media this time. The star cast is a mix of actors and non-actors, which has been chosen very intelligently. Garima says, go for it at least once... we don’t get to see such a good gamble too often in this Bollywood world.

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