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For the past two years I have been reading a lot about money and finances. My aim is – not to become rich, but to become financially independent - where money does not play a major role when I make big decisions in life. Of course becoming rich would be a by-product. (Again rich is a general term, and its definition differs from person to person. However I am not going to delve into those details here.)

So I bought a few books, was reading a few blogs, and even enrolled myself in a class. This got me thinking for a few days.

When we go to work, most of us work for the money, but not many of us work for ourselves. Working for ourselves means investing the time in the office to improve our skill set, to keep ourselves updated in our area of expertise, and to work on additional projects (whenever given a chance). In short it means doing above and beyond our call of duty at work.

This made me realize that the area I need to invest in is time rather than money. Improving my skill sets, doing additional projects, practising meditation, going to gym, learning something new, educating myself on my taxes, law, etc.

In short, it means growth and no stagnancy. In this fast paced world, the moment we stagnate (by just repeating the same things that we have been regularly doing) we start going backwards.

If I totally focus on investing in myself (or my time) then financial independence or anything I wish to have in my life would become a by-product and I would get it automatically.

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