Childhood Memories...

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Long ago i had a friend
who seemed to me a godsend;

spent the summers running around
childhood glory that made us proud;

We soaked up the sun and lit up the stars
watched the clouds float far above;

Chased the butterflies , licked the rain drops
searched for the mysterious treasures once lost;

But never for once did we ever think
that fate could ever so quietly step in;

And make us go away in our own parallel path
and pull ourselves so far apart;

But after so long i sit and think
what happened to us, what severed our link;

I struggle for the answer, but all i do is relent
so tell me now, how are you my old friend ?

Never in my life had i doubted the faith
but it seems rather wrinkled of late;

So as i close my eyes, i pray to my soul
to give me the strength to let go of it all...

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