5 Tips for Self Motivation – An Essential Key to Entrepreneurship

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One of the most difficult aspects in life is to remain constantly motivated under any circumstances. It is rather difficult as situations and people often come in our way to water our fire of enthusiasm, or they bring forth gushing winds to blow out the flames. And under these circumstances, we need to fight harder to keep those flames ablaze.

I never before realized the importance of self motivation as I do now, as an entrepreneur.

Yes it’s a great feeling to be on my own. It gives me an adrenaline rush if I achieve my targets and set my own rules. But what I find impossible is to remain self motivated most of the time. I constantly need the nudge and the push to keep running on the treadmill of entrepreneurship. When I meet my fellow startups we constantly discuss this challenge we all face and it makes me happy to know I am not the only one. The problem is how to circumvent the lows and remain charged up all the time? I realize this is one burning issue plaguing most of us who are on our own with limited resources and a world around which isn’t supporting us.

After speaking to many entrepreneur friends who have been there and done that, I have devised a strategy to remain upbeat. Let me share the capsule of practical tips I got and let’s see if it works for you too.

  • Healthy Attitude:

    Positive attitude is an extremely important factor in being self motivated. Depression and frustration should never creep in. When you are down and out, just recall the song “Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stone".

  • Company Rubs Off:

    Have a close circle of startup friends, keeping in mind that birds of the same kind will positively flock together and rub off positive vibes on to each other. Also have a mentor and brainstorm with him/her.

  • Go With Flow:

    Don’t expect; just keep on working (easier said than done, but nevertheless, practice on it). Sometimes the best things come to us when we least expect them. So just go with the flow. Also, do not delay and put things off for the next day. Procrastination can be your biggest enemy. Make yourself get up and just “do it”… right NOW.

  • Priority Matters:

    Prioritize and prioritize your routine /work schedule and write it daily. Cannot stress enough on how important this is. Just remember that Rome was not built in a day. You must break your work load into smaller blocks depending upon their priority.

  • Reward and Relax:

    Force yourself to take time off to unwind. All work and no play killed Jack; it will kill you too. So develop a hobby besides the venture. And reward yourself, even if you make a single achievement. That builds the zest to move ahead.

Never forget these self motivation tips and stay positive. Talk to positive people and keep all negativity away. Remember: "Losers quit when they are tired, Champions quit when they hold gold".

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