15 Reasons Why I Want To Marry A Female Blogger!

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Marriages are made in heaven, but it still depends on the kind of person you are going to marry! Some of my readers would have expected this kind of article by seeing my Facebook statuses. Below, I have mentioned some reasons why I eagerly want to have a relationship (of course that means marriage) with a female blogger!

1. Special Coverage.
All the good things you do for her will be there on her blog and yeah, all the bad and mean things you do for her will also be there, but in a cute way!

2. Her Blogging Friends Are My Friends.
Most probably female bloggers will find friends in their own gender (I sternly believe this!) and most probably all the ladies who visit her blog will also have a good impression of me!

3. Know Her.
You can know a lot about her by just reading her blog. Most of the bloggers post almost everything that happened in their life on their personal blog. So you don’t need to ask her anything, just read her blog silently. You can even find out about her first crush! Or if she is away for some business or tour, you can easily know what’s been happening.

4. Accepts Negative Comments And Feedbacks.
Being a blogger, she would have faced a lot of negative comments and feedback for her ‘random thoughts’ articles or technical articles. So in personal life, that will be really helpful to you. Girls are good at pointing out the mistakes!

Blogging and HellPicture Credit: Google Images

5. Get Quick Updates Earlier.
If she loves you or hates you, you can know it before you get home. You can also get to know what your mother-in-law thinks about you from her blog posts, so you don’t need to spy or investigate. You can even know if she is pregnant through her blog!

6. Don’t need to search.
You don’t need to search for your honeymoon or dating photographs; you can always find them on her blog!

7. Supports You!
She will support and back you if someone gives a negative comment or feedback about you. Even if she knows you are a looser, she will still brag about you all the time, how sweet! If you are arrested, for some reasons, she will start a special campaign to release you. And also urge all her blogging friends to do the same.

8. Right Decisions.
You can always get to make the right decisions, like whether you need to have a baby now or not, through the Online Polls or Comments etc. on her blog.

9. Attractiveness.
Your photo will appear more attractive on her blog. Even if you are a fat a**, you will look much thinner on her blog. That’s love. LOL, blind love!

10. No Hangouts.
She won’t hangout much, since it takes too much of her precious blogging time. So most probably she won’t shop much too!

11. So Much Enthusiasm.
Bloggers are always so enthusiastic about everything! She will be surprised (or at least she’ll pretend to be!) even if you tell her a story that she is already familiar with!

12. Free T-shirts.
There are lot of bloggers’ meets and tech conferences out there, and she will get a pile of free T-shirts. So don’t need to spend a dime for them!

13. Maintains Finances Very Well.
She will help you to find a better host and domain registrar. You know she may even give you the money she earns through her affiliate links!

14. Have A Peaceful Sleep.
If your baby cries in the middle of the night, you don’t need to worry about it, since she will probably be blogging till midnight or till dawn.

15. Cool Giveaways.
If you become a father (which would be a surprising incident to her!), then she will be celebrating that through her blog. She might even reward the top commentators or some of her readers randomly!

I hope this article is not teasing anyone. Written with some sense of humor and with strong hope! Of course, the same points substitute for Male Bloggers too! :P

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Manjusha Sinha said...

lol....Heyyyyyyy I guess I should discuss this with my husband as to how he feels his wife is a blogger.

September 1, 2010 at 4:42 PM
Sadiya said...

lol...loved the first six!

September 21, 2010 at 10:23 PM
Frustrations Amalgamated said...

You seriously need to read some blogs written by women.

December 13, 2010 at 3:40 PM

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