Why People Don’t Heal?

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I am supposed to listen to the audio book by Carolyn Myss – “Why People Don’t Heal?” But before I started on it, I decided to put down my own experiences related to it over here – reasons which stood as obstacles in my healing.

I remember my Reiki 3 class – I was extremely scared of trying out that “Psychic Surgery” thing! I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to get it right! Hence, I was afraid to even try it! But my Reiki teacher wouldn’t take “no” for an answer! He, in fact, made me practice it for several extra minutes just so I could get comfortable with it. Eventually it became one of my favorite healing techniques for quite a long time.

Something else I was extremely afraid of doing – so much so that I tried to completely avoid doing it 2.5 years ago – only because I was sure I wouldn’t get it right! Finally, this time round, I just told myself that “I can do ANYTHING”! And I had another go at it! Got it right! Did it very well actually (or so I was told)! I still don’t feel completely confident about it though, but, I figured that with the help of some more reading material, I will be able to completely master it.

So, with me, the main problem was “fear of failure”. I avoided trying new things just ‘coz I was afraid that I won’t be successful in doing them. That was the main cause of “reluctance to change” in me.

But now I’m not afraid. I know deep down that I can do anything – I just have to set my mind and heart on it! Nothing is impossible for me anymore! And the only way to overcome my fears is to face them head on… with the unshakable faith that I will be delivered across!

Certain things might not have worked out for me in the past. (For example, I always seemed to attract the worst kind of landlords and PG owners.) Certain things might not have worked out for others. (For example, marriage.) But, I am not “others”… and their experiences need not necessarily be mine! For that matter, even my own bad experiences of the past need not necessarily be repeated in the exact same way! I AM THE MASTER OF MY UNIVERSE! And I have it in me to create completely new “movies” in my life – with completely new endings!

I have always been scared of marriage – as all those who know me well, know! But now I know that I can make it work differently for me. I know that marriage does not necessarily have to be a “binding” for me. In fact, I know that marriage will, instead, provide me with even greater opportunities for personal growth! It will enable me to acquire and develop newer ways of self expression and of handling various situations!

We all have enough creative powers within us to change the repetitive experiences of failure in our lives – be it in financial aspects, or in health or in relationships, or whatever else!

We all have the freedom and the power to do things “differently”… and to create different endings for our life story.

And, more importantly, we all are MEANT TO BE successful in ALL aspects of life and not just say the financial or material aspect, while we remain “poor” health-wise and relationship-wise!

We all are meant to FLY...

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