Vampires Suck Blood...

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“Any plans for tonight?” Amber asked Anita

“Not really. I was thinking of watching a movie. Why?" inquired Anita.

“Well”, said Amber “you should join us for some drinks at the new place that has opened at the corner of the 4th street right opposite Armandos. It's called 'LoungeBar'. I really think you should join us. You will get to meet some good people and not to forget some really hot guys!”

Everyone at the university attending summer school was waiting for the weekend that they could use for de-stressing. Being an international student, she had begged the Director of the Residence life to allow her to stay at the dorm as she had no place to go to. She was willing to stay alone in the building even if it meant paying extra. The empty dorm sucks! She thought as she walked. The locals had gone back to their houses and the other international students had made plans to go out, explore and have some fun.

As Anita changed and got into her pajamas, her cell phone rang. She picked it up, guessing it was Amber.

"Hello. Hi Amber!" "Anita you have to get ready in an hour. I am coming to pick you up and don't say no!" "Amber is it necessary? I really need some time alone." "Oh yes! It is absolutely necessary!! Alex and his friends are coming too. I want you to meet Raj. He is an Indian and your mother would even approve of him." "Oh Amber! When I said I couldn't date American guys, I didn't mean I could hook up with any Indian guy that comes in my way. Stop trying so hard!" "Fine I don't care, but, you are coming along. Sixty minutes. Be in front of the West Village block. Will pick you. Cya GF!" Click.

That was quite a conversation, thought Anita, and got up to get ready. It took them half an hour to reach the destination and Amber asked one final time how she looked. Anita replied, “Pretty as always”.

It was difficult to spot Alex because of the crowd. As both the girls tried to find their way in, Amber shouted, “There! I can see Veronica! Veronica! Girl! Over here!”

Veronica waved back. “Girls, good you could join us, maybe we should catch the movie 'Twilight' tonight?” said Veronica.

“Ha! That stupid vampire flick? You believe in such crap?” asked Josh.

“Hey everyone has the freedom to like and dislike any type of movie! Argghhh!!!” yelled Amber.

“And I thought there was a like button and yet to be released dislike button only on Facebook”, jumped in Alex.

“You don't think the suckers exist. Do you Anita?” inquired Alex.

“Well I've had an experience.” Finally spoke Anita. “It happened two weeks ago. I never thought I'd say this to anybody, but if we are talking about it, I might as well share my story.”

“And the spotlight for the evening is on Miss Anita...” announced Gavin.

“Cut it out! Let her talk!” Veronica yelled back. All of them settled down and turned towards Anita.

Anita continued, “Well it so happened that I had returned from University and was tired like hell. The dorm AC wasn't working, so I had to open the windows to let fresh air in. After the dinner at the dining hall, I had decided I would go back and relax. I wasn't in the mood to party. I went back to my room and picked up the latest book that I had got from Barnes & Nobles.

“I didn't realize when I dozed off. It must have been around three in the morning when I heard a noise. Somebody was around me. How could there be somebody else? My roommate wasn't coming back till fall. I didn't open my eyes. I couldn't. I was wrapped in fear. I felt it approaching me. I had a choice to open my eyes and look but I chose to lay there. Pretend to be dead. Even if I did open my eyes to look, it would kill me. Either way I was going to be killed. I didn't want to die. I prayed and hoped to die peacefully, and if I were to be reborn I would not want to be one of them. I didn't know. Maybe after today's chance meeting, I might become one of them. My adrenaline was rushing and I was thinking too fast… too much. I was petrified. I needed my chakras to be balanced if I were to die at peace. How can I die so young? Bad Karma, I thought. Calm down Anita, I said to myself. I hoped it would leave me. It didn't. It came closer. I could hear it now. It wasn't my imagination I was sure.

“And then it happened. Prick. I felt something - in my neck. I felt the blood being sucked out of my body. I couldn't scream or cry for help. Nobody in an empty dorm could hear me. I felt weak. I didn't know if there was any of that red body fluid left inside of me. I don't remember how it left as I lay there. I was happy to open my eyes the next morning. Who would have thought waking up early on a Sunday morning could be such a relief to anyone. I was happy... happy that I was alive. I was going to live after all.”

As Anita finished, she could see the excitement and curiosity in their eyes. Everybody looked dumbfounded. Alex, breaking the silence, questioned Anita, “you just said, ‘you would not survive the vampire attack’, so how did you…?”

Anita cut him off and said, “You asked me if I believed in the existence of suckers or not. I never mentioned a vampire”.

As she got up to get herself a drink, she smiled and added, “Vampires suck blood, so do mosquitoes.”

Picture Credits: Vampires, Mahatmabug

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