A to Z of Fashion for Men!!

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You talk of the word 'Fashion' and immediately, you conjure up an image of a woman. But men can be quite fashionable too and especially the men of our recent times.

Presenting the A to Z of fashion tips and trends for men that would make them ‘a complete man’!!

A Aviators ooze traditional “cool” and a more manly edge.

B Blazer for a casual or formal do.

C Calvin Kleins new Steel Underwear range that glow in the dark!

D Denim jeans and jackets. Mixing denim is good. Matching the same shade of denim is not.

E Espadrille, the classic rope-soled shoe of the French Mediterranean is the hot new shoe, as men around the world discover the simplicity and comfort of the espadrille.

F Fragrance – Use different fragrance for different occasions ...

G Gold Accessories: Chains and bracelets, cufflinks simply add some elegant style. The key to wearing gold well is to not go overboard.

H Hairstyle: Buzz cut, hair styled with gel or a classic and no fuss do, whatever suits you.

I Intelligence!!

J Jackets - Match dress shirts to sweaters to T-shirts without appearing out of place and perfectly blend up the look by bridging casualness and dressiness.

K Know Yourself. Finding your own personal style amid the latest fashion trends is paramount to building the perfect wardrobe. Choose clothes that suit both your personality and your body shape.

L Loafers. Shoes make the man. Of all the items in a man’s wardrobe, shoes are the single most important element of style.

M Man Bag: Having a great bag or hold-all can really add some class and style to an outfit.

N Nike Trainers for running and jogging etc. because you can’t beat the sports technology and just overall quality of a trainer maker who have been “just doin’ it” since the 60’s.

O Open Mind: Listening to others' ideas may not be easy, but it could be a valuable way to learn something new or change your perspective on life.

P Pocket Squares: Any mediocre or worn out jacket can be instantly livened up with an inexpensive casually folded pocket handkerchief.

Q Quality of Family Life is a support for greater motivation, commitment and overall performance.

R Rings: Finger rings clearly reflects a man’s individuality in style and has a beautifying impact to a man’s hand.

S Shorts always have that relaxed casual vibe to them. Add some class with a polo or short sleeve shirt. Canvas trainers look just as good as boat shoes with them.

T Tie: By simply changing the style of knot you wear you can breathe new life to an old tie on a tired suit.

U Understanding Nature is a ‘Wow”

V Values in Life: Prioritize

W Wallet: Ditch your old-fashioned leather wallet and replace it with something modern, different and eco-friendly.

X Xtra Goodness

Y Youthful Confident Attitude

Z Zenith Chronomaster

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