Studio: Vol. I Issue 2

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Selecting a limited number of posts out of the dozens I received in this category this time was kind of tough! Yet, I tried to pick the best of the lot as far as possible.

So in this fortnight, we have:

* Shilpa Garg with another poignant 55-fiction – “This Too Shall Pass

* Our Lateral Thinking quiz winner for the last issue, Avada Kedavara, with her Featured Fiction – “A Trip of A Lifetime

* Another funny arrow from Annand Patankar’s quiver, a fiction this time – “Ink Tank to Carry the Olympic Torch

* And a beautiful verse by Avishek (featured for the first time in Kadzilla’s Lounge) – “Smiles

* Then we have a thought-provoking reflection from Kaddu, on “Relationships”.

* In the Humour section, we have Shilpa Garg again, with her 3 boxes of useless gifts – “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

* And the creative genius, Kaddu, shares one of her works of embroidery this time – the “Flower Girl!

* “Monsoon Magic” captured by Rajiv on the streets of Delhi, in his Lens View.

* While Annand shares a few frames of his Lens View – the “Foggy Monsoons at Satara-Kas”.

Please keep your creations pouring in. Don't forget... this is YOUR magazine! And let us know whose work you liked this time, and whose you didn’t! Comments are welcome! :)

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