Studio: Vol. I Issue 1

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To be very honest with my readers, this being the first issue of Kadzilla’s Lounge, I wasn’t expecting too many posts in the Studio section. But all of a sudden, the world around me seemed to be scattered with a lot of wonderful creators – writers and photographers – some yet-to-be-discovered!

So in this fortnight, we have:

* Shilpa Garg in dilemma regarding house-help – “Love them or Hate them?

* Shobhit, who feels that if the 8-legged psychic from Germany - Paul, the Octopus - were to be brought to India, we Indians could put him to some great use - “Why India needs Octopus Paul…”!

* Upasana’s short story, inspired by Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series – “Vampires Suck blood…

* Mahesh Nayak’s thought-provoking poem on “Life… a Saintly Business?

* Annand Patankar’s humorous narration of the first time his wife baked a cake – “She came, She ate, and She never came again!

* The short, but loaded, 55-fiction -- “Footsteps” -- again from Shilpa Garg.

* The lovely emboss painting of Radha-Krishna, made by Kaddu.

* “Colors of Nature” captured by Rajiv in his Lens View.

* While Mushtaq shares the “Moods of Flowers” from his Lens View.

Please keep your creations pouring in. Don't forget... this is YOUR magazine!

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