Space Utilization & Design: Designing Clutter-free Bathrooms

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Like many other areas of our home, bathroom is one such space where one can relax and feel comfortable, if it is designed well. Many small apartments do not have huge bathroom spaces, and therefore, tend to become cluttered or untidy.

Here are some pointers on how one can make a clutter-free bathroom:

  • Color Scheme.
    Sticking to a color scheme which is in harmony with the fixtures, cabinets and wall colors, to give a sense of space, as they blend with each other well and the space looks clean and one.

  • Partitions.
    Installing glass partitions in bathing area to avoid spilling of water to other areas, which also helps in keeping the bathroom tidy.

  • Water Closet.
    Using wall mounted WC rather than floor mounted ones, so that the floors are clean. Besides, it also certainly gives a feeling of openness.

  • Cisterns.
    Hidden wall cisterns (flushing systems) may be used to keep the water closet area clutter free and clean. These cisterns are well hidden inside the wall, thus we just see a plate with a push button to use it, and that again translates to simplicity and spaciousness. It also adds to a sense of decor and beautifies the space.

  • Niches, Shelves Vs. Cabinets.
    Provide small niches or open shelves on walls to store daily used items appropriately, instead of old-fashioned bulky cabinets which add to heaviness.

  • Vanity.
    The vanity under the wash basin counter should be well planned, keeping in mind individual's usage, in order to avoid unnecessary increase in size of the same, so that it not only looks sleek and minimalistic, but in the meantime, is also useful.

Keeping these simple things in mind, one can easily manage to design a useful and clutter free bathroom space that would not only help in keeping the space clean and tidy, but, would also allow you to relax and unwind when you are in your bathroom.

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