My Experiments With Yoga - How Yoga Changed My Life?

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My journey with Yoga began as a solution to my chronic back ache problem. Having hurt my back in a rather comic para-sailing exercise when I was 16, I thought nothing would ever be right with it. So I trudged on, feeling terrible cramps in my back, whenever I over-exercised or under-exercised. When I was finally provided with an opportunity to study Yoga, I began with a certain amount of skepticism, the sort that I would have felt if I was told to try an experiment based on voodoo and black magic.

My suspicion went right out the window in almost no time. There was nothing strange about the experience, except that I was miraculously cured of my back aches. I have been practising yoga, for about 3 years now and I can safely say (without knocking on wood) that I have never felt better.

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Yoga is largely misconstrued as being about contorting the body like a pretzel, but what I have learnt, and perhaps understood, is that it is more about opening the mind to the possibilities. It has helped me become more open to ways of learning, to ways of doing, ways of seeing and experiencing. My guru is fascinating. I keep going back to her for help with things that are a little murky, but for the most part, she helps me press on using my very own ‘intuitive’ wisdom. That is one of the reasons that yoga appeals to me even more. There are no rights and wrongs in the way we do something. It allows you to visualise yourself in the frame of mind and body to actually perform the headstand with apparent ease. Once you get to it, it’s a cinch and you wonder what all the fuss is about.

When I initially started my practise, I was emotionally closed off, and found it rather difficult to change and adapt, or even accept another’s point of view. In two years, it helped me change all that. It may have helped that I have been spiritual from the start; I just needed an outlet for the spirituality. In the last one year, I have found myself growing emotionally, so that I am no longer nervous about meeting new people or wondering what they think of me when I leave, or what I will do with myself if I don’t have money to buy this and that. I have found that my friends are nicer, the world is more beautiful, I understand better and that people are more accepting of me as I change.

My current favourite practise is one which may seem easy, but is actually one of the most potent of practises especially to help cleanse. The chakras are the meeting points of prana as it flows within the body. If these are blocked, it creates unease in the body. I find that visualising my prana rising along the 7 main chakras of the body makes me feel purer and my energies increase manifold. (The best way to do this is with a competent teacher.)

It’s inexplicable what yoga has done for me and I will be ever so grateful to my guru for helping me in my path. I would urge everyone to take this forward with them on their journey.

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