Music Review: Udaan (2010)

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Since this is the first issue of Kadzilla's Lounge, I would prefer to start with the best album of the last month. And hence, Udaan (flight).

Amit Trivedi is kind of 'back' with Udaan. He does not go high on variety in the album, but sticks to his core, rock-flavored music, and with Amitabh Bhattacharya's wonderful lyrics, creates an album that would be cherished for a long time.

Udaan starts with a small and beautiful 'Kahani' which was out in the first promo. The song starts with a slow, very soft rendering by Joi Barua and Neuman Pinto that lasts more than 2 minutes, breaks into a small rocking 'Kahani Khatm hai ya shuruaat hone ko hai' (is the story finished or is it a new beginning), and ends again on a slow note. The short, inspiring poetry of Amitabh Bhattacharya is the key here.

The second song of the album, 'Geet mein Dhalte Lafzon mein', is sung by the composer and the lyricist themselves. The song again has a typical combination of soft rendering and rock, while Amitabh Bhattacharya gets me to listen to some fabulous lyrics. The lines 'Lamha ye maanga nahi, humne chheena hai' (we didn't beg this moment, we have snatched it) are beautifully inspirational and 'jebon mein hum raatein liye ghooma karen' (we wander around with nights kept in our pockets) has the feel that generally Gulzar gives. Lovable song.

The next song, 'ek udaan' or 'Nadi mein Talab hai', again has Joi and Neuman singing with Amit supporting them. Though almost all the songs of the album are inspirational, this one gives a clear message to fly and reach for your dreams. Now, as the song falls in the same genre and sub-genre, I am tired of writing what type the music is. But thankfully, the same does not apply to the song and I still love it.

And now comes a very welcome break. With the next song 'Naav', Amit goes a bit off the rock and moves to something that sounds somewhere between Iktara and rock. The song is sung by Mohan, and as he sings the song in his different voice and in his singing style, one can do nothing but simply enjoy the song, even if you don't listen to the lyrics with all the concentration. And once you concentrate on the lyrics, you love the song even more. The best of the lot I guess.

'Motumaster' is the Anurag Kashyap song of the album. Well, the song is written by Anurag Kashyap, and as you can guess from the title, it's a complete comedy. With its very strange lyrics, some wonderful poetry, some eight singers, the song is worth listening to at least once, with all lyrics understood.

Near the end comes 'azaadiyaan', one of the best songs of the album again. A slow rendering, soft Indian instrumental music, build up to that high tone about to come, and the climax - 'Aazadiyaan'. Some wonderful work by Amit Trivedi on the song. One example of Amitabh's lyrics is here again: 'Subaha ki kirno ko roken jo salakhen hain kahan, jo khayalon pe pehre daalen wo aankhen hain kahan, par khulne ki deri hai parinde ud ke choomenge, aasmaa, aasmaa, aasmaa.' (Where are such bars that would block the morning sun rays? Where are such eyes that would keep watch on thoughts? As soon as they spread their wings, the birds would fly and kiss the skies!) Need I say more?

The end of the album comes with the 'Udaan theme', that beautiful music which filled in the much-telling-silence during the movie. The unbelievable part is that you keep expecting, but Amit doesn't go high on notes anywhere. A slow, soft, instrumental affair that you might love to put on repeat when in a mood to relax.

Overall, Udaan is a wonderful album with some wonderful music and some very fabulous lyrics. Do buy it if you haven't. According to me, it's a long term investment.

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