Music Review: Tabeer - Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

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When Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan's Tabeer came out, not many were familiar with his name. But today, situation is different, though many people still know just his name and not all that there is to know. The singer of Mitwa and tens more of Indian compositions now, once the lead of the popular Pakistani pop band Fuzön.


Shafqat's first album opens with Khereyaan de naal, a song I had heard for the first time back then, and thought it to be composed for Shafqat's album only until I came to know the song was a Tufail Niyazi composition. Anyway, the song is as wonderful an experience with its music, as it is with its lyrics. Shafqat sings the song with all his heart and thus, the album's first song is a treat to listen to.

The second song, Naina, has a pop touch with very down to earth, touching lyrics. While Shafqat's singing sounds lovely, the best part of the song is the chorus, singing piya jaag rahi meri ankhiyaan. Lovable again.

Dumadum mast Kalandar/Dum Ali might be easy to put in an album but singing the song well enough is never easy, and after so many versions, it's always too competitive a thing to go with, but here Shafqat not only has it in the album, but sings it so well that you fall in love with the song all over again. Good Good Good.

Mohe Apne hi rang mein rang le, or simply rang le, is one of my favorites from the album, though more for its lyrics than anything else. The song is actually one by Amir Khusro, one of very old poets of Hindi-Urdu. Here Shafqat sings a very soulful version of the song, with the submission showing in the words reflecting in his voice. A beautiful listen.

The next song of the album is Bulleh Shah, which is a more classical piece than it is popular. The poetry of Bulleh Shah, the song tells the sad story of him drinking poison with his own hands in love. A deep song, if you want to take a dive. If not, you may listen and pass.

Pagalpan is the more pop-oriented song of the album where you find a lot of western instruments, though the lyrics of the song are quite down to earth again, and though not historic like most other of the album, are still worth listening to. The song is a bit catchy and gets liked pretty fast after you start listening to it, though it's not one for longer times.

Rohi. This one is something wonderful not only in singing, music and lyrics, but the arrangement of the song sounds wonderful. A song of Pakistan's famous singer Zahida Parveen, Rohi is definitely a heartfelt song. It sounds beautiful from the very first time, and even better the more you listen to it. Must listen.

The next, Raag Darbari based Kuch ajab khel Kartar ke is another beautifully arranged and sung song of the album. The classically inspired song has some strong singing done by Shafqat and sounds quite amazing.

The last song of the album, Ya Ali is a small piece of less than three minutes where Shafqat relies less on instruments as he shows the power of his singing solely. Something interesting for those who are interesting in the trend singers' singing.

Overall, Shafqat Amanat Ali's Tabeer is an album that wonderfully merges the classical with the popular, and the old with the modern. If you're a Hindi music lover and haven't heard it yet, go get the album. Especially if you have interest in Classical/trained singers, it's certainly worth your money and time.

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