Library: Vol. I Issue 1

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The battle of sexes is perhaps one battle that will never come to an end! And the craziest thing is that it doesn’t even need a huge battlefield like Panipat or Kurukshetra – we can easily convert our own home into a battlefield anytime we want to have a brawl! Saudamini, of Spaces Talk Architecture, offers tips to young couples about how they can reconcile gender differences when designing their new home together.

And Dazediva shares her free guide for Wedding Budgets – her own checklist of all essential, but often easily overlooked, wedding expenses.

While our in-house nerd, Kaddu, gives a quick and simple walk-through on adding animated images to blogger posts, in the Technical section.

Editor's Note: This last post has been moved to Blogosphere from the Library, after the creation of that new category from the second issue.

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