Diorissimo by Christian Dior

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Diorissimo, by Christian Dior, is the most popular creation of the best known perfumer of all times, Edmund Roudnitska. To truly appreciate the story of Diorissimo, one has to understand the fragrance trends of 1950s, when the perfume was launched.

Natural raw materials had started to become too expensive, and the demands of commercialization meant that perfumers and designers had to resort to cheap synthetics to create new smells. Most of these synthetics were harsh and smelled “chemical-ish”. Hence a lot of vanilla and fruity smells (especially Strawberry and Peach) were added to the fragrances to make them sweet.

The result was a wave of sweet sultry fragrances -- which were more gustative than olfactive -- and the total disappearance of fresh floral light smells.

In this environment, Dior decided to launch “Diorissimo”, which was built around the smell of his favorite flower, “Lily of the Valley”. Diorissimo is one of the very few single floral perfumes in the market, and it hasn’t lost popularity in over 50 years.

The perfume has a fleeting top note of “Lily of the Valley”, and traces of green grassy notes. The body comprises of “Lily of the Valley” with very small amounts of Jasmine. The dry down of this very simplistic fragrance is Sandalwood.

In the 1980s, however, due to the increasing cost of natural Sandalwood and its non-availability in the market, Christian Dior changed the fragrance, substituting the natural sandalwood in it with synthetic materials. This resulted in some loss in the elegance of the perfume, but it is still one of the most sensual fragrances available.

To Market the fragrance, the famous Rene Gruau (people from advertising and fashion industry would recognize the name instantaneously, and for others, I suggest the given wiki link) made the loveliest interpretation of the fragrance -- a woman with her back turned, holding a bunch of “Lily of the Valley” flowers.

If a woman ever asks any perfumer what perfume to wear for an elegant candle-lit dinner, 9 out of 10 times, Diorissimo will be the answer, and on the 10th occasion, the answer would be wrong!

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