Kadzilla Says – New Beginning Marks an End

First of all, a Very Happy New Year to all of you! Hoping that 2011 brings to life all your most precious dreams… and that you’re blessed with good health, prosperity, happiness and loving relationships throughout the year and beyond!

And now for the bad news… this January 2011 issue is the LAST issue of Kadzilla’s Lounge. Yes. The magazine will not be continued after this issue, though the archives will remain here for anybody who drops in.

I know some of you will be genuinely disappointed with this news, but, it is not possible for me to continue the magazine at the moment, with all the last-minute submissions! Just like the rest of you, I also have professional and personal obligations, that don’t miraculously disappear at the end of every month. :P

Also, at the moment, I have no wish to convert this into a direct commercial venture. Neither do I wish to create another “blogging community” that gets its traffic solely on the basis of promises of personal interviews, or vote-based contests in which entries are voted for without even being read!

The USP of Kadzilla’s Lounge is its high standard of writing and presentation – the quality of content, combined with an equally powerful visual appeal. And I wish to let that remain unchanged.

I thank you all for sticking around for the last so many issues. It was great fun meeting you all and interacting with you. Wish you success in all your ventures.

Cheers! :D

Blogosphere - Vol. I Issue 7

This time, we have published two posts in Blogosphere:

* “How To Embed Flash Files Into Blogspot/Blogger”.

* A hilarious joint effort by Shobhit, Pramathesh and Kaddu – “What Bloggers Say Vs. What Bloggers Mean”.

Change Makers - Vol. I Issue 7

In Change Makers, Restless Mind shares her thought-provoking post on the prevalent Indian mentality of worshipping fair skin. She asks our readers whether this “Indian Obsession with Fair Skin [is] a Colonial Hangover”.

Review Bench - Vol. I Issue 7

Kadzilla’s Review Bench apparently got completely caught up in Christmas and New Year celebrations this time! We have only one post for you in this section this month – “Quasar by Jesus Del Pozo” – the review of another male perfume by Akshay.

Mind & Body - Vol. I Issue 7

In our B+ section this time, we have two posts:

* “Change Your Perspective” by Kaddu, and

* “Power of Love” by Mahesh Nayak.

We also have a contribution by Shobhit, in our Health section – “Eye Strain: Causes, Symptoms and Management”.

Travel - Vol. I Issue 7

Unfortunately, we do not have anything to share with our readers in the Travel section this time. The two writers who promised to send in content for this section in this issue got caught up in something else at the last minute.

Library - Vol. I Issue 7

Saudamini, of Spaces Talk Architecture, offers tips on Office Décor this time – “Space Utilization & Design: Contemporary Office Interiors”.

And our new writer in the Technical section, Lalit Indoria, tells our readers how to “Access Deleted Photos on Facebook”.

Studio - Vol. I Issue 7

This is the last issue of Kadzilla’s Lounge, and we have featured six posts in our Studio this time. Have a sneak peek…

Please DO NOT send in any further articles for this section; this is the LAST issue of the magazine. Thanks.

Kitchen - Vol. I Issue 7

From Kadzilla’s Kitchen this time, we bring an easy-to-make dessert delight for your little ones – “Yummy Rainbow Treat” – by Manjusha.

Regular Features - Vol. I Issue 7

The Regular Features in Kadzilla’s Lounge include:

And the winner of the Lateral Thinking quiz of our last issue, as already featured above in the special place of honor, is Abhiroop Banerjee. Please don’t miss out his special featured post this time!

Hope you enjoyed reading this month’s issue.
Keep smiling.


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